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How can a student understand the text? Watch your speed The beginning and end of any work, whether poetry or prose, must be read slowly. At the beginning of the reading, the listener should tune in, understand that his attention now belongs to you. If you immediately start chattering, the attention of the listeners will quickly disappear, and the picture that you have to paint with words will no longer be interesting. Another recommendation for children is not to neglect reading aloud for a while. This is very necessary in teaching. After all, when you read aloud, you better remember the words and the children write a written work, they must select the words to write. Another added benefit will be if they use which helps a lot in writing a written work. As a practice, you can try to read 120 words per minute without stopping. Some children aged 9-10 often read aloud as if by syllables. But if you read text at speed for at least 15 minutes every day, the “120 words per minute” barrier will soon be overcome. An author is someone who reads aloud The author of any oral text, even if it is written by a great writer, can be imagined by the one who pronounces it. Because it is the reader who decides how this text will sound. Before reading a text aloud, you, as the author of the story, must decide for yourself what is important to you. The same applies to the retelling of what was read, when you need to remember the main ideas, and not learn everything by heart. It helps a lot when writing written papers when you understand what you will write about. In order to develop writing essays, you can use edit my essay online and learn to write essays more competently and efficiently. Thus, it allows you to improve your writing skills. Particular attention when reading aloud should be given to the characters of the text. They differ in character, but it is the one who pronounces the text that must assign a specific character to them. This can be done with intonation. Place accents and highlight the main thing When communicating with an interlocutor, whether it is a small company or a performance in front of an audience, one must learn to control oneself. In writing a written work, it is also important to control the flow of your thoughts. And before writing a written work, it is important to use proofread my paper, which helps to correct what is written. It is important to hear your intonation flow and understand which part of the story will be the main one in order to correct your intonation in time. The rest of the text is just a frame for this main part. It's like a picture in a frame: what belongs to the frame should be read quickly and easily, in one breath. But as soon as an event occurs in the text, you need to stop and describe the picture differently. Even if you are sight reading, reading should be a pleasant story. After all, our speech is one of the most important tools for successful communication.

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