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Why you should build your own electric skateboard

“Should I build an electric skateboard?” is the question that a lot of esk8 riders ask. The cause of this question may be that they are not satisfied with the current board, possibly because the board is too slow or climbs poorly. They wanted to create a skateboard with no weaknesses. As a longtime electric skater and building my own board, I recommend DIY yours.

The assembly is very interesting especially for people who like mechanics and like to be creative and put things together. However, you will need to expect this work will take a lot of time and money.

Infrastructure is essential to building a powered skateboard. You need a workshop to have a large enough space and be equipped with the necessary gear and tools. Outfitting a workshop just to assemble the e-skateboard once will cost a fortune. If you can't find a proper gear workshop then consider buying a pre-assemble one.

But in return it is super rewarding. The board will be 100% yours. You are the one who made it, and you are also the only one who knows your board well. When you have a problem, you know what you need to do to fix it. More than anyone else, you know where to remove and where to upgrade. Isn't it cool! I know a lot of people who also make very interesting monsters.

When you build a motorized board, you will love it more because it's your hard work and you want to quickly show everyone your achievements. Believe me, this will be a memorable experience for you. What you want to read about electric skateboards can be found at eSkateBuddy.

If you're ready then start now, don't let anything stop you. Share this article if it helps motivate you.

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