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  • Wedding Dance Classes & Private Lessons
    Private Lessons and First Wedding Dance classes can be arranged at the studios. Please contact reception for more information and a list of recommended teachers. The studio will be booked through us but you would need to liaise with the teachers themselves to arrange the lesson. Please note that we do not offer slots that are permanent.
  • Do I need to sign up ahead of time to join a class?
    No you do not need to sign up. Please see our timetable page for more information.
  • Do I need to come with a partner when attending Latin & Ballroom/Salsa/Tango classes?
    No you don't need to come with a partner. Teachers will try to mix up partners around the class so that everyone is able to join in.
  • What do I wear to class?
    Something you feel comfortable to move in.
  • FOOTWEAR - What is suitable for tap/ballet/ballroom/jazz?
    Try the classes out before investing in the correct footwear. When starting out, for tap, latin and ballroom and flamenco, a hard sole shoe is fine to begin with. Ballet can be done in socks/bare feet at the students own risk, until you decide/want to buy ballet shoes. Trainers are suitable for JAZZ, ZUMBA, STREET DANCE, BOLLYWOOD and FITNESS CLASS. To get more specific advise, please ask the teacher after the class and they will advise.
  • FOOTWEAR - What shoes are suitable for Flamenco?
    For Flamenco you will need to wear heels. Generally a low heel similar to those of traditional Flamenco shoes is the most suitable.
  • How old do I have to be to attend a class?
    Apart from Children's Ballet, we do not have classes for kids. All our classes are for adults and ages 16 +
  • Are there changing rooms?
    Yes we have changing rooms
  • Do you have lockers?
    No, valuables are left at owner's risk
  • Are there any lifts?
    There are no lifts in the building. The studios are located across the Ground and 1st floors, while the singing and prcatice rooms are situated on the 2nd and 3rd floors.
  • Can I book studio space over the phone?
    You can only book over the phone if you would like to use the practice rooms: (Music Rooms 1 & 2, Leslie Bricusse and Crow's Nest), however for the studios your enquiry needs to be emailed to
  • Do the prices of the classes include the daily membership fee?
    No, the daily membership is £2 and is payable on entrance to the building at the front desk. 6 month and yearly memberships are also available. Please see the information on our Classes & Timetable page.
  • How does the membership work?
    Customers pay: DAILY MEMBERSHIP A daily membership that goes directly to the Dance Attic (£2). If you come more than once a week and you buy a 6month membership card then you will save money on the entrance fee. TEACHER FEE On top of the Daily Membership, you will need to pay the teacher the cost of the class, which is usually between £5-£7.
  • Do I have to pay daily membership if I go to more than one class in a day?
    No you do not have to. The £2 fee covers you for one day so you are able to take as many classes as you would like.
  • How do I pay for my 6 month or yearly membership?
    The only way to pay for the 6month and 1yr membership is in person at reception. We do accept card or cash.
  • Can I attend classes if I am pregnant or injured?
    Yes, at your own risk.
  • Accessibility & Disabled Access
    While we have studios on the ground floor, a number of them have small steps reaching up to them and do not have ramps to access the rooms. We do not have any toilets or washroom facilities on the ground floor and the studios are not equipped with lifts. Should you need assistance during your visit please contact us in advance.
  • Can you hire the studios for exclusive use?
    We are unable to hire out the studios for exclusive use.


Any items left behind will be held for 2 WEEKS - Valuables held up to 1 MONTH with discretion. 

Please contact Reception for any lost item inquiries -
020 76102055


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